BEST UNCLE COASTER (Multiples of 3) (50652)
BEST UNCLE COASTER (Multiples of 3) (50652)

BEST UNCLE COASTER (Multiples of 3)

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SKU: 50652
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Best Uncle Coaster – 114 x 89 x 5mm (x 3 pieces)

Our gorgeous new range of coasters are just as eye catching as our other gifts! Perfect gift that will just keep giving! All designs are created in-house and teased into the beautiful design you see here today giving you something stunningly wonderful to offer your customers - Manufactured in the UK.


Size - 114x89x5mm

Feature: Mat Laminate, Hardboard, Corked backing, Rectangular Coaster

Designed by - Red Hot Lemon

Minimum order quantity per design – 3

RRP - £4.00

Coaster also fit into our keepsake Tin housing so you can mix and match to fill the display!